Jonathan Palley, author of Telegraph for FreeSWITCH, wrote the part that instantiates an EventMachine and creates a server ready for FreeSWITCH.
I wrote everything else and changed some of Jonathan's code.

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I'm available for consultancy regarding installation and usage of Liverpie.


From what I hear, EventMachine is a thing of beauty; however, I plan to port Liverpie entirely into Erlang. After all, it is a telecom application with the potential of becoming critical, and Erlang is just the thing for that.

* Erlang:

* Impressive quote from Wikipedia: <quote source=''>Because Yaws uses Erlang's lightweight threading system, it performs well under high concurrency. A load test conducted in 2002 comparing Yaws and Apache found that with the hardware tested, Apache 2.0.39 with the worker MPM failed at 4000 concurrent connections, while Yaws continued functioning with over 80,000 concurrent connections.</quote>